The elephant in the polluted room

Exhaust fumes
Exhaust fumes
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I read with interest your article on the roundtable discussion on pollution .

All very well to moan about the effects of cars, but completely zero new solutions as usual. Just “we need change”.

Not a single constructive answer, simply a rehash of “we must do something”.

Well here’s a suggestion from me.

Stop buying on line goods.

Every item you buy on the internet because you can’t be bothered visiting a real shop and keeping real jobs needs delivering.

Every single book or baby grow uses a diesel powered van driving around the city to deliver, every time you feel like curling up on the sofa and clicking the mouse for groceries you got another diesel van clogging up the roads.

Feel you work too hard in the office to collect a bottle of wine?

No problem a three litre diesel weighing three tons will bring it to you.

And cyclists are just as guilty of being Amazon addicts as those who drive old diesel cars every day.

Don’t demonize the drivers who can only afford a 15 year old family car to commute 20 miles to the centre of Sheffield when your shopping habits are worse for the environment.

Oh and pupils being dispersed miles outside their catchment areas in the interests of “fairness”.

How are they supposed to get there without diesel powered transport, wouldn’t it be better if every child was within walking distance of the school they were placed at?

Don’t get me started!

Oh and I’m a commuter cyclist of 30 years.

Tony Abdy