Pete McKee cartoon
Pete McKee cartoon
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ANOTHER week, another festival - with the Sheffield Comedy Festival beginning on Tuesday.


There’s never any shortage of stuff going on in the city at this time of year - the MADE festival, Off The Shelf, Festival Of The Mind and Fright Night have all either happened or happening this and next month.

But the comedy extravaganza - featuring more than 90 acts across several city venues - has to be among the best of the bunch.

It’s like a mini-Edinburgh, so it is.

Just looking through the programme this year was enough to make this column laugh. And I don’t just mean because of Sharrow Vale-based artist Pete McKee’s typically on-the-money cartoon, below.

There was also the piece on comedian Mick Ferry who must deserves a full house, if for no other reason than for describing himself as “the thinking woman’s Stan Ogden”.

Give that man a Perrier Award already.

ONE more from Gary Rowley?

Go on, then...

“I moved from Pyongyang to Seoul - I needed a change of career.”

A COUPLE of responses to this column reporting that Nick Clegg appears on a pair of underpants going on sale this Christmas.

Strangely, not one of them with a joke that can be repeated.

Who knew you readers were such fans of, um, toilet humour?