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CONGRATULATIONS to Sheffield University on being named the 60th best university in the world, as reported in The Star last week.

There’s no doubt it’s a great asset for the city and a huge driving force for good.

Just one thing: tell the freshers to keep it down now they’ve arrived.


WHAT a shame the feel-good factor from the Paralympics appears not to have stretched to Stagecoach buses.

The firm is investigating after a driver allegedly refused to let a wheelchair user on his vehicle, as reported in this paper.

He allegedly told double-amputee John Taylor the ramp wasn’t working - before, bizarrely, relenting and putting it down.

The case is still under internal investigation but if found true Stagecoach should act in the strongest way possible.

Because drivers are surely there to serve the public.

If this chap isn’t happy to serve all of us – no matter what our physical capabilities – he shouldn’t be allowed to serve any of us.


ENJOYED the Sheffield Food Festival this weekend. Now when does the Sheffield Exercise Festival begin?


AND another festival which took place this weekend, Sheffield Sound, apparently went well.

The two-day event, at a Sidney Street warehouse, was inspired by a school art project, as revealed in The Star.

Sixth former Tom Holmes designed a poster for an imaginary festival as part his course at King Edward VII School.

But, after putting it on Facebook, the local bands who were ‘playing’ the make-belief music bash got in touch and said they wanted to make it real.

Funny. Sort of reminds me of a similar art project I did back in the day.

My dream line-up featured Pulp, Oasis and (remember I was 15) Puressence with a headline set by the reformed (and resurrected) Beatles.

Strangely, none of those bands ever got in touch.