THE DIARY: Lovely Jubby swaps pick for paints

Jubby Taylor
Jubby Taylor
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AND here’s another Sheffield creative type hoping to be recognised for his art...

Jubby Taylor was the frontman of a city rock band once said to be the next Arctic Monkeys - and not just by their own mams and dads.

The 29-year-old led Harrisons, a Hillsborough four-piece tipped for success by everyone from this paper to music bible the NME.

Now, after the group split following one well-received album, the guitarist has swapped his guitar pick for a paint brush. And he’s already making something of a name for himself via the medium of canvas.

His first exhibition - featuring 20 paintings, each inspired by a classic song title - will go on show at The Forum bar, in Devonshire Street, next month. After that he will exhibit at one of the temporary ‘shop front galleries’ in The Moor

“After the Harrisons, I was in a couple of new bands,” explains Jubby, of Hillsborough. “But it was hard work starting again after a little success. I ran out of steam.

“I was always into my art and I started seriously about 18 months ago when my son, Dylan, was born. It lets me be creative. People seem to like it too. Exhibiting won’t quite be like touring but it’s exciting anyway.”

The exhibition, Paint A Vulgar Picture, starts end of January, dates to be confirmed.