THE DIARY: Gary’s 1,001 jokes can’t all be terrible?

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HEARD the one about the Wombwell salesman who’s just released his own joke book?

It’s called That’s Terrible. And, frankly, much of it is.

“I’ve just lost my job at the snuff factory,” runs one effort. “I was sacked for pinching.”


But, in fairness to Gary Rowley, the father-of-two behind the 1001-gag collection, he’s well aware some of those original one-liners are a touch cringewrthy.

“That’s the point,” says the 53-old of Aldham House Lane. “All the jokes are good clean fun, though. To mention nothing of being ideal text fodder.”

He produced the tome after reading another like it and thinking that most potentially dangerous of thoughts: ‘I’m funnier than that’.

“Well, he’s daft, that’s for sure,” says wife Dawn. “He makes a lot of people laugh. In a good way, I mean.”

Her favourite?

“I saw this great white, counting out fivers on a doorstep and I thought, ohh look, a loan shark.”

Add your own groan. There’s another 999 like it - and delightfully bad they are too.

That’s Terrible by Gary Rowley is self-published and available on Amazon now.