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S Ellis writes that the USA should fight its own battles and when they need an ally a strong Prime Minister should tell them “on your bike”.

Winston Churchill was a strong PM, so should he have told President Roosevelt to get on his bike in 1940?

S Ellis also states that the USA could not punch its way out of a paper bag. Most US citizens are weaned on firearms and there’s a gun in every glove box. British subjects had their firearms confiscated long ago so most people outside the criminal fraternity would not know one end of a gun from another. There is in America is a well supported culture of self defence and survivalism whereas in Britain the only self defence we are allowed is “reasonable force” which no-one seems able or willing to define. Alternatively we are advised to “just walk away”. In some US states if you catch a burglar ransacking your home and shoot him dead there is no charge. Don’t try that here. America’ has a deeply entrenched tradition of self sufficiency and freedom with responsibility. Compare this with our massively over-regulated over-monitored over-taxed nanny state dependency culture and creeping loss of free speech and other freedoms.

So far as recent American engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan are concerned the main reason they failed is lack of follow through. The other side know full well that if they wait long enough the yanks will get fed up and go home. By comparison, when the British Empire was the world’s great expansionary superpower and sterling was the world’s reserve currency (oh yes), if we moved into a new territory the inhabitants knew full well that we were there to stay so they may as well get used to it. That’s the difference. The USA remains the world’s most powerful military superpower, despite what certain other wannabes may like to think. There is much about modern America that I personally do not like but like it or loathe it, if push came to shove I know which country the smart money would be on.

Gary Crosby

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