The call for strike action

Arthur Scargill
Arthur Scargill
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R Firth of Campsal, (The Star, September 26, 2016), tells us all that regarding the battle of Orgreave it was all the fault of Arthur Scargill because he failed to give the miners a vote.Wrong?

Every area leader had already voted on behalf of their members to call for strike action as soon as any viable pit was threatened with closure.

Strike action happened when Cortonwood colliery was threatened.

Further, the majority of Nottinghamshire miners reneged on striking and were eventually led by UDM miners leader called Neil Greatrex, a fraudster, who finished up in jail for robbing his sick members of their funds in order to live the good life.

Just a note to R Firth, I suppose you, like thousands more, didn’t believe the Hillsborough families’ pleas either?

One thing is certain, Arthur Scargill is enjoying a very happy retirement while Margaret Hilda Thatcher continues to burn in hell.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74