The buses are on time?

city centre buses
city centre buses
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In the Star, February 26, 2016, I read that 90 per cent of the bus services are running on time!

I live on the 85 & 86 bus route (the old 87). When it was the 87 bus we were indeed extremely fortunate to have a bus every 10 minutes.

Since the bus changes in November last year the bus operators in their wisdom took away the 87 gave us two buses on our route which run at the same times.

Then a couple of weeks ago we were to have a new revised timetable for the 86 route which we were told would run in better conjunction with the 85 bus route - so instead of running four minutes before, it now runs four after, if and when they turn up.

The 85 bus has to be one of the most unreliable bus routes in Sheffield.

I tried to catch the 85 on Thursday, February 25, at the bottom of the Moor, it should have arrived at the stop at 14.24 it arrived at 14.37. Clearly the Sheffield bus operators have not got round to this route yet.

When the we had the 87 bus, if one didn’t come there was only a 10-minute wait - now we face the prospect of a 30-minute wait and this is progress?

The tickets prices for children have been raised, senior citizens cannot use bus passes before 9.30am, all in all the services they now provide is not fit for purpose.

People are late for work children are late for school, and this is all progress?

Sheffield bus operators seem to been unwilling to understand how bad a situation they have created, maybe the only way they will understand is when people return to using their cars.

J Marsh

Sheffield 8