The Big O tribute show

Roy Orbison
Roy Orbison
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It was good to read Mike Lawton’s memories of seeing Roy Orbison live at the City Hall in 1963, (The Star,March 31).

The show mentioned, that is taking place on Saturday April 23, at the City Hall, to mark Roy’s 80th birthday features the UK’s leading tribute artist Barry Steele.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to ever see The Big O live but I’ve seen Barry’s show on a couple of occasions and I would recommend any fan of Roy Orbison to attend if possible to see a fitting tribute.

The show will feature songs from Roy’s early years plus all the great hits ending with his time spent with the Travelling Wilburys and Bono.

It will a great night’s entertainment.

Dean Hopcroft

Richmond Park Grove, Handsworth, Sheffield, S13