The big cat cover-up

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Re the letter “Cats need educating” from AS, September 5.

May I point out cats do not use grass for their toiletries, they always use soil so they can cover it up.

Being a cat owner for 20 odd years, never once have I seen cats soil the grass.

Maybe she should look more closely to it being a dog.

Mrs L Hewitt


Professional beggars

Your headline of “professional beggars” on Friday, September 9, could hardly have been more appropriate!

On that very day I was approached for the usual “change” and the excuse was to buy breakfast.

Reasonable enough perhaps?

Except we were right outside a centre that provides a free breakfast for those in need, on a Friday morning.

True, it was early and the usual “breakfast” sign wasn’t yet out on display.

But my beggar was no stranger to the area, I have seen him many times, so surely if it was a case of genuine need he would know of the “freebie”.

I’m afraid I declined the opportunity to hand over cash and went on my way!

AH Norton


Acorn Inn, Shalesmoor

The cranes rise into the sky over Sheffield and yes it’s a reason to be cheerful and look back not in anger or in fruitless nostalgia, well not all of the time. Another pub, like all of us to end up as dust or my case ashes.

The Acorn Inn on Shalesmoor, a massive edifice. In my time it’s been a boutiqe and a bath showroom and a print shop, oh yes and Club 60. Another supposedly haunted pub with another murder that didn’t happen.

Downstairs a still furnished studio I recall from a previous visit. Is somebody going to photograph it inside and out as part of our pub heritage and send a record to Picture Sheffield? One for you Mr Liversidge? 1825 you say? Well that was before my time.

Ron Clayton


Back to school

I bet the kids will be glad they’re back at school?

When on holiday they seem to vanish from the streets, at least it gets them out of the house and mix with their classmates.

Education is the key to good job prospects, take it in while you can, life is short.

EB Warris

by email

Search for children

More money to be found to help police keep on searching forMadeleine McCann.

It’s something that is so horrible that happened in Portugal and of course you would never want anyone to forget this little girl.

We all have our feelings as to what occurred that night, I always feel it’s been brushed over the fact the children were left alone. You don’t do it at home so why on holiday?

While all this money is being found what about Ben Needham, where’s his money?

Jayne Grayson

by email

A cure for viruses

Just to continue on from my last letter on super bugs and viruses.

I have an inkling that some time ago they had found a cure for viruses but it was too expensive for GPs to prescribe for ordinary people! It’s a long time since I heard it.

Surely they have had time to make the cure a bit cheaper and the GPs should be able to prescribe it now at a better price.

Get your finger out, NHS!



How we phrase things

Re your letter from Michael Andrews, (Sheffield Telegraph, September 7), concerning Sarah Champion’s article in the Sun concerning the actions of (some) British Muslim men in Rotherham.

Readers may have missed the point.

Imagine the effect of running a headline in 1930s Germany; ‘Jews steal money’. Now compare it with; ‘Jews stole money’.

The Sun used the word ‘rape’, instead of ‘raped’.

If anyone thinks that the way we phrase things is unimportant and that plain speaking, requiring yes or no answers, can not be bad; I would ask them the ‘harmless’ question; ‘Are you still beating your partner?’.

Dave Clay


We need to talk together

Re letter from Michael Andrews, September 7, “Don’t assume it’s about the whole community”, Michael Andrews makes an important point and misses another.

He makes the analogy that when Sarah Champion MP wrote about the perpetrators of child sexual abuse being British Pakistanis it was equivalent to saying that ‘British tourists wreak havoc’. His point is that someone reading this would not take it to mean ALL Brits on holiday, but only those that behave this way. Yet, Sarah Champion has been criticised, for example by the Labour Party leadership, for writing something that could result in the wider community being blamed.

What Michael Andrews misses is that repeatedly over many years people in positions of influence have jumped on opportunities to scapegoat Pakistani Muslims, the Daily Mail being one example. This doesn’t change the truth of what Sarah Champion said, but it does change the effect of her saying it. Indeed, her words were immediately jumped on by the far right in support of their racist views. This is likely to make the Pakistani community more defensive – feeling wrongly accused. As a Brit on holiday abroad I might feel a bit defensive if I read an article in, for example, a Spanish newspaper about ‘Drunken Brits wreaking havoc in our town’, but I would have the confidence of knowing there is not widespread prejudice voiced against Brits – though I sometimes fear that could change!

Where I am in agreement with Michael Andrews is that we need to find ways to talk together about the perpetration of child sexual abuse – one thing we know is that overwhelmingly men are the perpetrators, and girls, but also boys, their victims. If we can talk sensitively about why and how abuse happens, in different situations, this would be a significant step towards making it less likely.

Dr Mike Fitter


Yap, yap, yapping

Some little time ago Jayne Grayson said something about people continuing to yap, yap, yap in The Star’s letters pages.

But isn’t she of late yap, yap, yapping on just about everything under the sun?

Pete Godrey