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I don’t often write to the press but in this case I couldn’t let it go unsaid.

In Retro section on January 31, a list of the “Top 20 from this week” was published.

I would like to take issue with this as follows.

The list below is how it appeared in the report, (I’ve added my own comments in brackets):

1: Come on Eileen: Dexys Midnight Runners (not actually released until 03/07/1982)

2: Fame: Irene Cara (not released until 03/07/1982)

3: Eye of the Tiger: Survivor (not released unti 31/07/1982)

4: The Lion Sleeps Tonight: Tight Fit (released 23/01/1982 but it didn’t chart until mid-Feb 1982)

5: Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?Culture Club (not released until 18/09/1982)

6: Pass The Dutchie: Musical Youth (not released until 25/09/1982)

7: I Don’t Wanna Dance: Eddy Grant (not released until 16/10/1982)

8: Seven Tears: Goombay Dance Band (not released until 27/02/1982)

9: Ebony and Ivory: Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder (not released unti 10/04/1982)

10: Town Called Malice/Precious: The Jam (not released until 13/02/1982)

11: Golden Brown: The Stranglers (released 09/01/1982 and was actually at number 3 this week in 1982)

12: Mad World: Tears for Fears (not released until 02/10/1982)

13: Mickey: Toni Basil (not released for another week: 06/02/1982)

14: Love Plus One: Haircut One Hundred (actually released 30/01/1982: but not yet charted)

15: The Model/Computer Love: Kraftwerk (released 26/12/1981 and was actually No. 1 this week in 1982)

16: Oh Julie: Shakin’ Stevens (released 16/01/1982 and was actually No. 2 this week in 1982)

17: Goody Two Shoes: Adam Ant (not released until 22/05/1982)

18: Heartbreaker: Dionne Warwick (not released until 23/10/1982)

19: Only You: Yazoo (not released until 17/04/1982)

20: Don’t Go: Yazoo (not released until 17/07/1982)

This is really shoddy researching and reporting.

The REAL Top 20 from this week in 1982 is as follows:

1: The Model/Computer Love: Kraftwerk

2: Oh Julie: Shakin’ Stevens

3: Golden Brown: The Stranglers

4: Land of Make Believe: Bucks Fizz

5: Dead Ringer for Love: Meat Loaf

6: Maid of Orleans: OMD

7: Arthur’s Theme: Christopher Cross

8: Get Down On It: Kool and the Gang

9: Drowning in Berlin: Mobiles

10: Being Boiled: Human League

11: I’ll Find My Way Home: Jon & Vangelis

12: Easier Said Than Done: Shakatak

13: Waiting for a Girl Like You: Foreigner

14: Let’s Get It Up: AC/DC

15: Senses Working Overtime: XTC

16: Mirror Mirror: Dollar

17: I Could be Happy: Altered Images

18: Don’t Walk Away: The Four Tops

19: I Wanna be a Winner: Brown Sauce

20: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: Soft Cell

Out of respect for those acts who Retro failed to accredit with being in the charts this week in 1982 I’d like to see a full correction as soon as possible.

For those acts listed who were supposed to have chartered before they released their record I say well done: who knew??

To the person who is responsible for printing the list in Retro, I say do your research before publishing.

To that person’s line manager I say, have you any jobs?

John Taylor-Jones


n Mr Taylor Jones is right, although the issue is not the chart, but the wording above it.

In error, the page furniture says ‘from this week in 1982’ above the chart, however the chart listed is actually the best-selling songs of 1982, as it should be.

The template will be corrected for future editions (starting with this coming week) and the team member who proofread the page thoroughly disciplined, being forced to listen to Only You by Yazoo on repeat until its release in April.

The Norfolk Giant

One for EB Warris.

As the Burgoyne Arms on Langsett Road is going to make way for flats it’s time to recollect perhaps the most spectacular pub landlord in the history of Sheffield pubs.

Robert Hales the Norfolk Giant, (1813 – 1863), born outside Great Yarmouth, weighed in at 32 stone or thereabouts and was 7ft 8ins and a favourite of Queen Victoria, Napoleon III and toured with Barnum.

He kept the Burgoyne for a time – these days landlords, pubs and pub characters are dwindling.

Ron Clayton, a growing lad


Unbelievably selfish or daft

CS, (January 26), said we should take our refuse to a community tip and do away with bins.

Just because he (or she) was held up by a bin lorry on Hangingwater Road – in the car.

Some people like CS are unbelievably selfish or just daft.

Miss J Smith


Get them down soon

Both my wife and I are well into our 70s and both have mobility scooters.

I notice on Upper Albert Road that yellow ribbons have been put up around a series of old trees on the left-hand side of the road as you go up.

If anyone reading knows that road, it is a swine for traffic for most of the day or night.

Anyone who has tried either getting up that side off the road on a mobility scooter or pushing a wheel chair or pram will know there are three sections where this is impossible because the gaps either side to the trees are too narrow.

On the left is a stone wall and the right the road and bollards.

How no one has had a serious accident with the traffic rushing up and down the hill, especially at school leaving time is a wonder as they take no prisoners.

Those campaigning to save these three trees really cannot see further than the end of their own noses.

Get them down and the sooner the better.



Mo Farah’s going home

Thankfully Mo Farah’s blocked entry to the USA has been lifted because the USA is where he calls home.

Should his Olympic gold medals therefore have been awarded to the USA rather than Team GB?

Jeremy Biggin