Thanks to so many Good Samaritans

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This letter is overdue but better late than not at all.

Just before Christmas I set off with my husband to go to Sheffield in the car from Dinnington. Halfway across the bridge over the M1 the engine cut out and the car stopped.

Several attempts to restart it brought no joy. Within a minute or two a small white van pulled up behind us and the driver got out. The gentleman was on his way to a meeting in Worksop but came to our aid even though it made him late. He took charge of directing the traffic around us and called the police who came and towed us off the bridge and the gentleman went on his way.

A few days later we needed to get into Sheffield again and, because we had no car, we went up to Dinnington to catch the bus.

I went into the bus station while my husband went to post two letters.

On the way back he fell on a rough part nearby. A lady went to help him and brought him into the bus station and sat him down. A gentleman passenger in the bus station pointed out that a bus was there that would take us to the clinic on New Street.

At the same time a young woman came to offer her assistance. She came with us on the bus and stayed with us until we had the necessary help. The nurses in the clinic were just wonderful, kind and caring and dealt with him so lovingly.

We got a taxi back home. Within a short time our neighbour across the road realised that something was not right and came to offer her assistance with anything we might need. She kept in touch with us for the next few days.

If you are one of the people involved with all this you will recognise yourself.

“Thank you” is so inadequate to express the gratitude and appreciation that both my husband and I want to express to you all.

We live in a society of Good Samaritans. Keep it up. You are amazing.

June Darlington

by email