Thanks to local players

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On behalf of vet charity, PDSA, which has a busy Pet Hospital and Pet Clinic in Sheffield, I would like to say a huge thank you to all local players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

We have received fantastic funding support from players this year, which has helped us to secure a better future for thousands of pets in Sheffield, as well as providing emergency care and life-saving equipment.

Since January we’ve:

Carried out over 27,000 emergency operations across our UK pet hospitals and clinics, including Sheffield

Purchased 10 critical items through a National Emergency Equipment Fund to repair or replace old or failing clinical equipment. This has included X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, microscopes and blood pressure monitors

Hosted Pet First Aid courses which have equipped hundreds of people with potentially life-saving skills. These have taken place across the UK with many more planned throughout the year

Promoted PDSA’s online symptom checker which has been utilised over 52,000 times. The free tool has helped owners with queries they have about their pets’ health

Just like people, pets can suddenly fall ill, or sustain an unexpected injury. Whatever the cause, the emergency care we provide is vital. For some pets, immediate assessment and diagnosis can be the difference between life and death.

PDSA is home to the UK’s busiest pet A&E service, so this funding helps us provide a vital lifeline for pets in need.

Over £200 million has been raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery for good causes across Great Britain since the lottery launched – an incredible achievement.

On behalf of us here at PDSA and all the pets we treat, well done and thank you.

Nicola Martin

PDSA Head of Pet Health & Welfare

Sheffield floods

Why can’t the rivers be cleared and dredged, they are only a quarter the size they were?

This would stop all floods as the rivers could do their job. If concerns about nature are an issue, it will return, nature does that.

It will also not destroy nature on the flood areas which may not recover.

Nigel Packham

by email

Street trees

The Independent Tree Panel recently published results for some roads in the Norfolk Park area. They recommended using engineering solutions that are available within the £2.2 billion contract on four trees. Unfortunately Streets Ahead have ignored this advice and are still planning to fell them.

Councillor Bryan Lodge often repeats the mantra “felling is always the last resort.” These results show that felling is obviously not he last resort. I am genuinely at a loss to be able to understand why the council is not making use of the engineering solutions offered under the contract. It doesn’t cost the council any more money but would save the trees concerned and the eco-services that they provide.

At the recent hustings for the Nether Edge by-election Labour candidate(now Councillor) Jim Steinke said of the ITP “having advisory groups that aren’t listened to is worse than useless”.

Paul Blomfield MP also expressed concern to me about the ITP and the council’s response to it. He writes: “I understand and share your concerns about the way in which the council have responded to ITP reports. I met with the council to press for full and timely publication of its recommendations, together with a full explanation of any proposal that does not comply with the ITP’s recommendations in relation to any individual tree. I was reassured by the council’s statement on this following the Rustlings Road incident, but have been disappointed with the response of Officers on this point and have continued to make this point.”

When will the council start to listen to its own experts and those from around the world who are astonished by the environmental vandalism they are carrying out? Already they have felled 5,000 street trees and they plan to destroy at least another 1,000. Many of these trees are healthy and could be saved by simple engineering solutions such as realigning the kerb or using Flexi-pave which has already been paid for in the contract.

Graham Wroe

Save Norfolk Park Trees

Hats in the air

It’s great to see John Simpson the owner of key cutting and shoe repair chain Timpson being knighted for his efforts to help former criminals get back into society. His shops have been in Sheffield for many years, so hats in the air for Sir John.

EB Warris

by email

A poignant tree poem

Recently I came across this very poignant poem, (author unknown), which reminded me of the dreadful loss of thousands of our precious healthy street trees that are being needlessly felled across our city.

The Death Of Two Fine Trees.

The trees stood tall in stature like a cathedral on the lawn,

Many years they had stood there long before I was born.

The rain came down that fateful morning like tears from heaven above,

They stood there in their innocence, the home of owl and dove.

They came with saws and shredders to execute their dreadful act,

Within two days they had done it, sawn for logs then stacked.

The stumps still show the spot where once stood two fine trees,

Grotesque the sight that shows the sin, I sank down to my knees.

The world is sad without them, the atrocity has been done,

No more the soft, quiet rustle of the leaves in gentle sun.

The rain came down like tears from the heavens high above,

In homage for those lovely trees that I for one did love.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

Wonderful evening

Congratulations to the orgainsers of the concert Saltstock, which was held recently at the Hillsborough Arena, to raise funds for instruments and equipment, for the Concord Ban and Concord Youth Music.

The evening, was a wonderful blend of modern jazz, jazz fusion, blues and the great American songbook.

This musical feast was provided by an array of musicians, including Ralph Salt, (keyboards), Shaun Ward, (the former bassist with Simply Red), Isaac Horn, (trumpet, in the style of Miles Davies), and Aaron Keith Stewart, (vocalist), from Kansas, and a former member of the three time Grammy Award-winning group, the Sounds of Blackness, based in Minneapolis.

Also appearing were Bailey Street, a four-piece indie rock & blues combo, who have already, (despite their young years), played dates at the 02 Academy, Plug, the Rocking Chair and Tramlines.

Once again, congratulations, for a superb event.

Steve Davis

Totley Rise