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Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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A poem to thank Carol Seymour for her letter, (Let’s stop axeing trees), in The Star on August 19.

Ted Limetree’s ‘Thank You’ poem

Thank you Carol Seymour, how very kind you are

To comment on my little poem in the Sheffield Star

Also many thanks to The Star for publicising our plight

And firmly helping to keep us in the Sheffield ‘limelight’

And though some may think the trees are just a bore

The Star has now printed 20 SORT poems or more

So we try to whistle some happy tree tunes

And have a tree chuckle at Whitworth’s cartoons

But it’s very hard to constantly keep spirits high

When come tomorrow, any one of us trees might die

If the council would only listen to our heartfelt lament

They would stop felling trees for just a wonky pavement

The council considers that many trees are over the hill

But there is a word for that and it’s called ‘overkill’

However, new tree supporters join up all the time

And if you’d like more information please go online

Ted Limetree, Rustlings Road and SORT (Save Our Roadside Trees)

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