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I would like to be the first to thank Jason Gillespie for the tremendous job he’s done for Yorkshire CCC.

He took us from division 2, to go on and win the county championship twice, and very nearly three times on the trot.

What makes it even more remarkable is the fact that we have provided the England national team with the lion’s share of their squad.

Even this season with the side missing the likes of Root, Bairstow, Ballance, Willey, Rashid and Plunkett, we came within a whisker of winning.

On a sad note, cricket supposedly being the fairest of sports, I can’t help but feel there was a wee bit of skulduggery involved in Middlesex winning the championship.

So depleted was the team that we had our fast bowler batting at 5. I know he scored a lot of runs but it leaves a sour taste in the mouth knowing that they refused to release Jonny Bairstow, who said he was fit and raring to play.

Was there a conflict of interest by Andrew Strauss and Angus Fraser, who are both involved in the England set-up and both ex-Middlesex players?

Then there was the fiasco of the first day’s play when we had them in trouble and they went off at 4pm for bad light, refusing to use the floodlights because of the neighbours?

Are you serious?

Anyhow, big thanks again to ‘Dizzie’, top bloke.

Ted Fowler

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