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Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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I would like to register my dissatisfaction with the whole issue of tree felling in Sheffield.

No other UK city has had to have these series of events taking place, including the involvement of police and application of trade union laws and complete disregard of ITP assessments.

Considering levels of pollution rising in the city the trees act as an important filter.

The city council could have made the additional costs of saving the trees with other methods known and offered citizens the opportunity to raise the money.

Certain roads are famed for their luxuriant tree canopies, in particular Rustlings Road, Rundle Road and Kenwood Road. Crowdfunding could have been considered.

It is all wrong to commit to this quota contact with Amey. I can’t believe councillors did not raise objections to felling 27,000 mature trees when the survey conducted in 2006/2007 did identify this but did not state they should all be felled.

Thanks a lot SCC. A dissatisfied council tax payer

Fiona Newton

by email