Terrorist atrocity

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The barbaric terrorist atrocity at Manchester Arena which claimed so many innocent young lives, and the escalation of these monstrous attacks, clearly demonstrates the dangerous times we are facing both in our country and across the world.

Here in the UK the terror alert has been at ‘critical’ for the past few days and has only just been reduced to ‘severe’ as we see extra armed police and troops deployed onto our streets in an effort to keep us safe.

In this case, as with many others, we are dealing with a ‘home-grown’ enemy, as young Muslim men have been radicalised within our communties.

It has been revealed by MI5 that there are 23,000 terror suspects at large on the streets of Britain and 850 Britons are thought to have gone abroad to fight alongside Islamic State with many fleeing back to the UK. Why were they not arrested as soon as they re-entered our country?

These are frightening statistics and, while our security forces do a wonderful job having already foiled 13 planned attacks, it would appear that mistakes have been made in failing to apprehend many terrorist suspects who were already on the radar and were known to the security services.

The family of British-born suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, who carried out the Manchester attack, came originally from Libya to settle in the UK and repaid our hospitality by turning against the very country that welcomed them and gave them refuge.

It has emerged that there were repeated warnings about the bomber, and his father and brother who are IS supporters which, if heeded, could have saved lives.

Are these the kind of people we want in our country and why did the police fail to act on this information?

Perhaps the ‘do-gooders’ who support an ‘open-door’ immigration policy will now realise just how dangerous some refugees and asylum seekers can be who arrive on our shores.

With Islamic State calling for all-out war on the West drastic measures must be taken to tackle this carnage which threatens our freedom and way of life, and also action is needed to stop Google and Facebook disgracefully making manuals freely available on the internet telling fanatics how to make bombs and target concert venues.

Although it is part of the grieving process for those who have lost loved ones, I am afraid no amount of lighted candles or consoling embraces will prevent more terrorist outrages.

Only zero tolerance of those who wish to harm us can address this issue, with more condemnation directed at these vile extremists by the Muslim community and mass arrests of those who are known to the authorities.

It is impossible to have any dialogue with IS or the suicide bombers as they are dangerous fanatics who aren’t prepared to listen to reason, and they certainly have no intention of living in peaceful co-existence with anyone in the Western world.

These monsters are no different from Adolf Hitler as their only interest is world domination and killing all those who don’t conform to their warped ideology.

We are now reaping the appalling consequences of a disastrous immigration policy that has exposed our country and its citizens to extreme danger.

The evil terrorists think they are very clever having inflicted so much misery and grief on all the relatives of those victims they have brutally murdered in their bomb attacks. However they aren’t clever enough to realise they will never win or break the spirit of the British people as, having fought two world wars, we do not submit to violence or intimidation.

Many years ago at the time of the 9/11 attacks Margaret Thatcher said: “For too long we have not been vigilant. We have harboured those who hated us, tolerated those who threaten us, and indulged those who weakened us”. This is as true today.

Can anyone now say in all honesty that the much vilified Enoch Powell was wrong in his prediction of ‘blood on our streets’, as the man was not a racist but foresaw what was going to happen with mass immigration on a scale that this country would be unable to cope with.

Looking at this shocking situation and the tragedy of lost lives one can’t help but wonder whatever happened to the peaceful England that many of us remember from years gone by?

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

The People’s Princess

I am no Royal fan, but the People’s Princess Diana seemed nice and her sons look like nice chaps.

When I read that William took 20 years to come to terms with his mummy’s death it didnt suprise me.

After watching the film about Diana’s death and the cold callous way the Queen and her family dealt with the situation I can imagine that the whole sorry affair was brushed under the carpet at Balmoral.

The Windsors come across as cold-hearted but I am glad William and Harry seem to have a loving side, thanks to Diana.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Greystones Tours?

I am trying to find out about an old coach company, Greystones Tours, or GT Tours.

Can anyone tell me, where the vehicles were kept, how many were owned, and/or, possibly an operator’s name and address. I remember seeing them coming down Greystones Road, in the 70s?

Any information, on this company, would be greatly appreciated. Please contact David Robinson, by email coachexpert@blueyonder.co.uk or call 0114 2494925.


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Under more pressure

One of the main points Jeremy Corbyn supporters keep missing out is that he is going to keep the borders open, therefore allowing many more immigrants to come here and put the NHS, schools and housing under even more pressure.

Labour is no longer a party that supports the working class, as it is full of Liberals, so there is no way I am voting for them.

Those who voted to leave the EU should vote tactically for Tories to keep Labour out and stop Corbyn from destroying this country any more than it already is.


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The wrong signings

In response to Robert Jackson, the point I was making is that Sheffield United are showing no ambition in coming to the Championship and signing players from Chesterfield, Hartlepool, Portsmouth and maybe Southend.

They should be signing established Championship players for their tough season ahead.

As for Sheffield Wednesday, I don’t think successive playoffs can be classed as having stability, as claimned by coach Carlos Carvalhal.

Lee Johnson

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Motorcycle problem

The main problem with motorcycles is the number of unlicensed bikes riding around at the weekend.

The police are aways on that road but nothing seems to get done. The sooner it ends the safer it will be.

Steven Fellows