Term time holidays, it isn’t just the money

Family holidays
Family holidays
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I read Kate Mason’s column on Thursday, May 26 about term-time holidays and agree with everything she said, but I’d like to make another point.

Everyone seems to think that it’s all about saving money by taking children out of school in term time.

My son and his wife work hard all year to afford a family holiday with their daughter but unfortunately his holidays are allocated.

He’s tried to swap with someone but that would only put someone else in the same impossible situation.

My granddaughter is a bright girl with an excellent attendance record of 99%.

She’s just done her Sats (she’s 11 years old) and is looking forward to starting her new school.

Her education is of utmost importance but so is quality time with family.

So, like Kate Mason, I hope common sense prevails when the Department for Education look again at the policy.

It’s not all about the money.

Julie Major