Taxi driver bus lane fines embarrassing

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I am writing to you out of frustration on behalf of many taxi drivers and also the tax-paying public of Sheffield.

There are many Sheffield licensed taxi vehicles who are still being issued with bus lane fines even after assurances have been given that this issue has been dealt with on a number of occasions.

This issue has been going on for a long time.

As a taxpayer it is disappointing to see that in these times of austerity, wastage is continuing to happen even when it has been highlighted before.

The cost involved is not just the printing costs and first class postage of fines, but the cost of staff in cancelling those fines where, I’m sure, their time could be better utilised elsewhere.

The stress and anxiety that taxi drivers face when landed with a fine, in these times of pressure on earnings, is a real issue never mind when many have received multiple fines and then have to take time out to get them cancelled.

With the technology available it is unfathomable that this issue has not been rectified to date, after technical issues have been blamed a number of times.

In times of hardship that we are currently under and when the majority of the country is under increased pressure to make their money go further I would have thought that a little more tolerance would be been levied against such oversights.

It is now becoming embarrassing and somone needs to get to the bottom of this.

Shahid Ali

Community Campaigner

Peter Sephton makes a good point when he suggests that high levels of bus lane offences may indicate that drivers need more help. A map showing bus lanes, gates and other restrictions would be useful.

This is missing from the council website, so I’ve asked whether they can produce one. Such a map might also show the routes that private cars are expected or encouraged to use.

My experience is that most bus lanes are clearly signed, but this only tells drivers what they cannot do.

It is even more necessary to inform drivers about how they can actually reach their destinations.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield, S35