Tampon tax

Ttampon tax
Ttampon tax
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After months of going around the EU with his begging bowl and getting nowhere, it is suddenly announced just a few weeks before the referendum, that Dave has got agreement to vary the rate of VAT in Britain on feminine sanitary products compared to the rest of the EU.

Is this a mere coincidence, a reaction to several opinion polls putting the ‘leave’ side well ahead or some other reason such as allowing the ‘in side’ to boast that it is possible to get changes in the EU?

After his failed negotiations between Christmas and the end of February it would be too much to attribute the change to his powers of persuasion.

Experience proves that where the EU is concerned you can take nothing at face value. I am not attacking the removal of tax on these products, (it should never have been applied in the first place), but just wondering why now and how long the ‘concession’ will last if we vote to stay in?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74