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It’s murder being the nicest man in Britain

ANOTHER week, another musing from Broomhill boy and Monty Python legend Michael Palin.

“I seem to be renowned as the nicest man in Britain,” he says. “I’ve often wondered how people would react if I murdered somebody.

They’d probably say that the murdered person had it coming.”


AND talking of acting types, it appears Skins star Kathryn Prescott was in Sheffield this week.

The 22-year-old celeb - best known for playing Emily Fitch in the Channel Four teen drama - was here for a photo shoot with Dronfield photographer Nick Eagle, who has previously captured Jessica Ennis and Mary Anne Hobbs.

The London-based star asked 24-year-old Nick to snap her some pictures for a portfolio after being impressed with his work online. The shoot took place at new exhibition and gallery space 99 Mary Street.


AND while we’re on minor celebrities, Bard of Barnsley Ian McMillan has taken to Twitter while on his holidays.

“At Cleethorpes we wandered around The Fifties bungalows,” he says.

“In my humble opinion they should be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

He’s right. That is a humble opinion.


DONCASTER North MP (and Labour leader) Ed Miliband bought Prince George an apple tree to celebrate his being born, then? Geez, thanks uncle Ed, just what I wanted when I was coming down the birth canal.


RESIDENTS in a Meadowhead neighbourhood received a letter last week from the Royal Mail saying their street wasn’t safe for posties, then?

It came, as reported in this paper, following a dog attack in Greenhill Avenue.

One question: which tough-nut delivered the letter saying deliveries weren’t safe?