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Now here’s an interesting concept, and no josh-ing. The cost of living in the UK has been worked out according to a Chicken Tikka Masala Index.

The country’s most expensive places to live have been figured out by summing up the average price of a takeaway curry in 50 different towns and cities. And Just Eat - the gourmet website which did the maths (in a frankly shameless bid for publicity like this) - reckons Sheffield is relatively cheap. We came in a nice-and-jalfrezi 37th.

Your average chicken tikka masala here costs just £6.05, which is £1.58 less than the most expensive place... Derby. There the figure was £7.63, even more than in London where you’re looking at £7.15.

Could this be a new era in economics? Korma now, you’d be madras to believe that.


Doncaster Rovers will be going in One Direction next season (arf arf) after signing supporter (and Harry Styles sidekick) Louis Tomlinson.

The boyband member joined the club as a non contract player, as reported in this paper.

Apparently it’s unlikely he’ll get a first team match (although one imagines there’s plenty of Championship defenders who’d be happy to put a tackle in on him) but he’ll probably appear in a couple of reserve games during the course of the season.

Rumours that he turned down Real Madrid to sign with his hometown club are apparently unfounded. So too are rumours that Bradford lad Zayn Malik will open the bowling for Yorkshire next summer.


South Yorkshire Police say specialist dog units face the axe? That’s woof justice.