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It wasn’t the first time a Diary feature has gone on to appear in the national press and it won’t be the last either, but plenty of newspapers reported our Tuesday tale of a Barnsley bloke and his somewhat unusual tattoo.

A Good Reception

Craig Hartley, from Elsecar, had his grandparents’ wedding day photo inked on his arm to celebrate their 50 years of marriage. He spent £180 on the body art – rather than buying them a present.

Now, after being on TV and in the tabloids, he’s already thinking about what to have done next.

Full marks for the reader who got in touch suggesting a picture from the reception.

Give them flaming money

Happy birthday, Fire And Police Museum.

The West Bar attraction is celebrating its 30th anniversary this week as reported in The Star – and it deserves every good will it’s wished.

The place is a treasure trove of incredible vintage vehicles and assorted artefacts spanning the centuries and from across the world.

A cuddly Fireman Sam also sometimes turns up.

And, amazingly, it’s all run by volunteers on a shoestring budget of donations, sponsors and money made in the gift shop. Two years ago those volunteers launched a five-year drive to raise £13.5 million to turn the centre into the National Emergency Services Museum, although with the economy continuing to flatline, that’s been put on (forgive the pun) the back burner.

Yet, perhaps, it’s time for Sheffield City Council to step up and offer some financial help?

A tough ask in these climes of course, but anyone who’s been to the Fire And Police Museum – and seen its thousands of artefacts across 29 rooms – will surely agree it’s a flaming great place with flaming great potential.

With the right investment and with the enthusiasm of those volunteers, it could surely go from being a relatively little known attraction on the edge of the city centre to being a nationally renowned destination hugely boosting the city’s visitor footfall.