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Prototype ice cream van by Neville Marti
Prototype ice cream van by Neville Marti
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And talking of Sheffield City Council incompetence (which we were on Tuesday), reader Neville Martin gets in touch. He thinks he may just have a solution for the problem which has clearly been keeping our elected members awake at night – how the city can save the planet from global warming and keep its ice cream vans on the road at the same time. “The answer lies in the development of a prototype eco-friendly ice cream van,” he says. “Designed around the 1969 mini, this revolutionary vehicle is powered entirely by wind and solar power so guarantees zero emissions. Requiring no carbon-based fuel whatsoever, ice-cream vendors will not only be saving the polar bears, they will also save 80 per cent on their running costs, reducing the price of a cornet to 15p (or 20p with chocolate bits). This would be a prime example of the business-friendly council.” Sounds sweet. Someone get it into production.


A city school is hoping to ‘break’ with tradition by using the game of snooker to help with maths and English, then? Steve Davis unveiled the new scheme – and a tasty full-size table – during a visit to Sheffield Park Academy, as reported in this paper. And while there will no doubt be a few traditionalists who think introducing games into academia is, in this case quite literally, a load of balls, surely we should be tipping our cues to the teachers for trying something new. One can’t help wonder, however, what Robert Louis Stevenson (who knew a bit about English himself) would make of it? The writer famously noted that “a proficiency at billiards is the sign of a misspent youth”.


Tell you what, though: throw in a darts board, and Park Academy suddenly sounds like a decent night out. Who knows? Maybe the science department will get a couple to help students understand gravity or something.