Take Two with Colin Drury

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BIT of history for you to kick this column off this week - did you know it was 75 years ago yesterday the great George Bassett sweet factory fire occurred in Owlerton?

Flames leaped more than 200 feet into the air while glucose tanks exploded sending debris flying into nearby streets during the accidental blaze. At its most fierce firefighters had to draw water from the River Don to tame it.

Damage was estimated at £50,000.

AND while we’re on grim anniversaries, tomorrow marks exactly 175 years ago since the 26 miners were drowned at Barnsley Cross Pit in Silkstone.

The unfortunates were working underground when a fierce storm caused the colliery to flood.

POCKET money, then? Where do you stand on the great debate?

Academics at Sheffield University have inspired discussion after releasing research on the subject, as revealed in this paper.

Their report reckons youngsters who have to earn an allowance through chores are more likely to be good savers in adulthood, while kids who are given cash with no requirements tend to spend away.


This writer’s old man would treat pocket money like he treated paying utility bills. Wait until a third reminder and then complain loudly about the rising cost of living. One suspected he was always tempted to ask for a receipt.

Bruce Davis has been in touch.

This is the Woodseats factory worker who spends his spare time tracking and meeting celebrities. He tries to introduce himself to - and get a photograph with - at least one a week.

Among his victims - sorry, meets - over the last few years have been such A-listers as Chris Moyles, Brian Blessed and, er, Jack P Shepherd.

And now? He’s just notched up celebrity number 200.

“I wanted it to be a big one and it was,” says the 42-year-old. “Jeremy Kyle.”

AND finally a (relevant) plug: don’t miss Harry Brearley’s life story in this week’s Midweek Retro.