Take Two with Colin Drury

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MORE Harry Brearley?

This column previously suggested an area of Sheffield should be named after him in this centenary year - but Jim Larkin emails to say we’re behind the game.

“A new housing development in Parson Cross is to be called Brearley Forge,” he says.

SO, were you duped by The Star’s April Fool story?

Probably not, it seems.

Our tale of greyhounds having to wear specially made sunglasses was so unlikely, according to feedback, you’d have had to be barking to be taken in.

Still, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

This writer remembers another regional newspaper which ran an article one year declaring a new Pyramid-themed theme park was to be built - complete with several hundred tonnes of sand transported from Blackpool

The only problem? Several national papers picked up on the story and ran it the next day - April 2 - as fact.

ANOTHER day, another extravagance from our newly elected South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright.

Now, it emerges he has spent £14,000 of public money on a media manager - hired for just two months.

“It’s obscene that money intended for bobbies on the beat is being spent on spin doctors,” said Sheffield City Councillor Penny Baker in this paper.

And it’s hard to disagree, isn’t it?

One wonders what exactly this media manager was doing for those eight weeks, anyway. Because, since his job would have been to ensure Mr Wright was presented in the best possible light to the South Yorkshire public, shouldn’t he have offered one vital piece of advice on day one? Get rid of me and my outrageous salary.

GOOD old Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, hey?

The peer who was jailed for dangerous driving has released a statement, as reported in this paper, saying he’s “not anti-Semitic or a conspiracy theorist”.

That’s after he went on Pakistani TV and blamed his sentence on a, er, “Jewish conspiracy”.

He’s since said sorry, of course.

Sorry he got caught?