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AS the dust still settles (quite literally) on the collapsed student flats in Brook Hill a reader gets in touch to ask if we knew that was the very building where Pablo Picasso drew his famous dove of peace on a napkin while visiting Sheffield in 1950.

Well, we do now.

The place was, in another life, Butler’s Dining Room, an apparently excellent but basic working man’s cafe which shut during the early Nineties.

Its most famous dish was a monstrous cow pie, said by staff to be a favourite feed with chaps seeking a snack before heading across the road to the Jessop Hospital’s fertility unit to provide a, er, sample.

Unfortunately, it remains unclear why Sheffield representatives took Picasso there – or, indeed, if the legendary Spanish artist tried the cow pie.

AND another correspondent – we’ll save his blushes and not name him – wonders why The Diary feature on Joseph Mather didn’t include a photo.

He died in 1804.

Perhaps he meant a picture or painting. For the record, it seems none exist of the Sheffield hero.

FROM one red face to another: your correspondent.

It was said in that same article that the upcoming Mather tribute night – when six Sheffield musicians will be playing the great man’s songs – would be taking place at Shakespeares pub, in Gibraltar Street, on Saturday.

In fact, it’s Friday night.

Saturday looks pretty good itself, though. Then The Young ’Uns are playing supported by The Old ’Uns.

AND finally, nice to hear Easter is being well celebrated at Sheffield University.

Staff in several departments have organised a Secret Bunny (think Secret Santa) this year.

There’s a slight break with tradition, though, in that participants will be told who is buying for them – and asked to write down what present they want.

“As most people have asked for beer or wine,” says our insider, “It’s less a Secret Bunny, more simply asking a colleague to nip to the offy for you.”

On which note, a very happy Easter to all Diary readers.