Take Two with Colin Drury

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THE mystery deepens.

Regular readers of this column may recall on Monday, we featured a still from the SKY 1 TV show I Heart Glee, a programme in which Emma Bunton travels to Los Angeles to meet the cast of the hit American comedy series Glee.

What was strange about the still, however, was that in the background of an LA studio, there hung a list of South Yorkshire towns and villages.

Aston, South Anston, Treeton and Rotherham could all be seen.

What was it? Why was it there? And how come Elsecar didn’t get a mention? We put these questions to the Sky press office which replied it had not a clue. Neither, it seemed, did American broadcasting company Fox.

But reader Stuart Laidlaw emails in to say it was no poster hanging up - but a destination blind taken from the front of an old South Yorkshire bus. They’re the things which tell you where a service is going.

“These were in use prior to today’s electronic ones, and were changed by the driver manually,” notes Stuart.

Which leads to the more perplexing question: just what was an old fashioned bus blind taken from a South Yorkshire bus doing in an LA studio?

FOUR weeks on from the horse meat scandal, then, and no signs of Castle Market butchers growing tired of pony jokes.

Now, obviously, it’s great news their business has been boosted by the revelations Red Rum was being stuck into supermarket ready meals. This column said so just a couple of weeks ago.

But, really, one begins to wonder if you’ll ever be able to buy fresh meat again without being jovially informed “you’ll find no added salt or Shergar in there” or “that won’t give you the trots”

Almost enough to make you, er, gallop back to a Findus lasagne.