Take Two with Colin Drury

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THERE’S nothing quite like a great gig, is there?

After Midweek Retro listed five of Sheffield’s finest ever rock and pop shows yesterday, reader - and legendary former Star music writer - Dave Dunn gets in touch.

He reckons our rundown, which included The Beatles, The Clash and Arctic Monkeys, was pretty good but we missed a couple of key concerts. Mainly, er....The Privates at the Hallamshire Hotel, in West Street?

“They were a Japanese band,” he emails. “They were as big as U2 in their homeland so they were only playing upstairs in this pub but brought enough gear to fill the City Hall.

“It was proper foot-on-the-monitor rock. The first song was like the scene from Back To The Future when Michael J Fox hits his guitar in front of the giant speaker and is thrown against the wall. The sound actually hurt - you could feel your chest being stoved in.”

ANOTHER of his favourites was Babybird - remember them? - at The Leadmill, in Leadmill Road, back in 1996.

“Singer Stephen Jones lost his rag with a woman who was talking at the front,” recalls Dave.

“He stopped the show in order to tell her: ‘You’re ruining my evening.”

AND a colleague wanders over to mention Coventry band Adorable who played at the Hallamshire Hotel in the mid-Nineties.

“The music was sensational,” he says. “But the show was mainly memorable because the singer and guitarist had a proper punch up half way through the set.”

MOVING swiftly on and a new course being run at the Gyaltsabje Centre, in Ecclesall Road, promises to help participants find ever-lasting happiness.

You need to cough up £10 though. Which is enough to make any Yorkshireman (or woman) miserable.

AND finally apparently three quarters of Sheffielders feel burdened by procrastination, as reported in The Star.

One in five of city folk feel guilt ridden and wish they were more proactive, according to a survey.

This column’s advice to them? Have a brew and put off worrying about it until later.