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NICK Clegg embroiled in a scandal with the Lord Chancellor and a fairy?

It’s not quite as outrageous as it sounds but it seems this headline-writers dream is (sort of) true,

Why? Well, the Dore Gilbert and Sullivan Society will, this April, perform Iolanthe – a comic tale of a beautiful fairy who falls from grace when her relationship with the Lord Chancellor leads to the birth of a half-fairy son.

The group wrote to all the city’s main political parties asking for their support but it seems only the Sheffield Hallam MP’s office was happy to help.

Staff there offered to send out flyers for the show – at the Montgomery Theatre in Surrey Street from April 10 to 13 – with the latest Lib Dem Hallam constituency newsletter.

“We’re delighted that the Lib Dems saw the joke,” says group member Liz Allen.

Makes a change for people to laugh with – rather than at – the Lib Dems, one supposes.

MIXED blessings, surely, for the metal detector enthusiast who found a hoard of Roman coins in Sheffield farm field.

The five silver denarii were discovered on land at Plumbley Hall Farm, Plumbley, as reported in this paper.

Now the cache has been declared treasure and the finder will receive a cash reward. That’s the positive.

The negative? In the week it was confirmed royal bones had been discovered under a Leicester council car park, don’t all other finds seem something of an anti climax?

AND finally a couple of emails arrive after yesterday’s Midweek Retro.

Both want to take us to task about the location of Sheffield’s old Cinema House.

They say this picture palace – one of the grandest ever built here – was not in Fargate as stated but in Barker’s Pool.

In fact, officially, we can confirm it was indeed Fargate.

When the venue opened in 1913, the thoroughfare was considered to stretch slightly further than now.

As such, for the vast majority of its life, The Cinema House, did indeed give its address as Fargate. Posters and flyers attest to this.

Hopefully, that clears that up.