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SOME interesting responses after this page revealed a huge new city project on Monday.

Sheffield Civic Trust is asking residents to send in pictures of (or nominate) their favourite buildings in their own neighbourhoods. The group wants to picture for posterity the places which make us smile in 2013. Bosses hope to create an online archive.

And few suggestions have already been fired this way.

The Lyceum “should be cherished,” says the Croft House Theatre Company; one reader Lisa, calls St Catherine’s Church, in Pitsmoor, “a beautiful building”; and Fiona Hannon nominates the City Hall, declaring, rather ambitiously perhaps, “I’m gonna buy it when I win the lottery”.

THIS column was also asked for its nomination...

Has to be the South Street Amphitheatre. A stunning facility on the city’s doorstep.

A HUGE congratulations to former Diary stars Sheffield Hallam Cheer.

This is the student cheerleading squad which, this week, was the only British team to compete in the World University Cheerleading Championships in Florida.

How did they do? Give it up – they only went and won the bronze medal.

Which leaves one question: when’s the official reception in Barker’s Pool?

AND congratulations too to readers who spotted yesterday’s not-so-deliberate mistake.

Building started on Sheffield’s Tontine Inn in 1873, this page asserted in a piece about one of the city’s great demolished hotels. And the venue opened, we added, in 1785. Which, unless the developers had a time machine handy, is quite clearly impossible.

To clarify, the foundation stones were actually laid – get these digits the right way round this time – in January 1783.

AND another reader, Phil Parker, gets in touch about over-the-top reactions to this week’s snow.

“I had to go out on Monday so I took the official advice and took a flask, some sandwiches, a blanket and a shovel,” he says. “You should have seen the other passengers faces when I got on the bus.”