Take Two with Colin Drury

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WASTE not want not, so they say, and a couple of Castle Market bakers are following that motto.

“I heard a story saying half the world’s food is thrown away and I thought I’m not being a part of that,” says Ally Farr.

She and stall partner Tim Chuter decided to sell off their previous day’s bread at knockdown prices rather than chuck it. And price-conscious shoppers have been snapping up loaves at 35p and two-day-old batches for as little as 5p. Six of yesterday’s breadcakes cost just 50p.

A good way to save some...dough.

WHICH is what Sheffield City Council needs to do.

Last week’s budget was every bit as horrid as expected. Some £50 million needs to be saved in line with government cuts, and that means job losses, library closures, children’s activities axed, and the demolition of what will never be called the Jessica Ennis Stadium.

Who’d want to be council leader right now? Well, Julie Dore, actually. She impressed enough people to be given the top job. Which means now is the time for her to prove she’s up to following the likes of Ron Ironmonger, David Blunkett and Jan Wilson by getting this city the best deal and ensuring it doesn’t become some downtrodden northern deadzone.

So, what’s her budget response? To scaremonger and scream: “by the end of the decade we will have nothing left other than statutory services.”

Which means, if you’re a business looking to relocate or a family wanting to move, you’ve probably just crossed Sheffield off your list as a possible new home.

Well done, Councillor Dore.

This column criticised the leader last week and it’s not a deliberate theme. But, really, if she can’t respond to bad times other than by bleating, isn’t it about time she let someone else do the job?