TAKE TWO with Colin Drury

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THIRD of January, then? Is anyone else already starting to regret taking out the year-long gym membership?

NOW, here’s a reader with a good memory and perhaps a bit too much time on his hands over the Christmas holiday.

Some months ago, for reasons we’ll not go into (because they’re largely nonsensical) this column challenged you lot to suggest Sheffield pub names that sounded like films.

High Noon in Kilvington Avenue, Woodthorpe, and The Graduate in Surrey Street, city centre, were both mentioned.

Now, Martin Woods gets in touch in with a list of 14 more examples including The (Old) Thomas Crown Affair (Hillsborough), Philadelphia-n WMC (Upperthorpe), State Of The Union (Nether Edge), and – a bit touch and go, this one – Three Cranes And A Baby (city centre).

“I needed to do something while the family watched Downton over Christmas,” he notes.

AT least he wasn’t queueing for the holiday sales at 2.30am.

Some news stories make you despair for the human race – war, terror, anything to do with Adrian Chiles.

And seeing shoppers waiting outside Meadowhall in the early hours of Boxing Day, as reported in this paper, has to be right down there with the very worst of them.

How can anyone value the odd cut-price items so highly?

AND while we’re having a Christmas-based moan – trains not running on Boxing Day. What’s that about?

AND another reader, Don Alexander, writes in following this paper using the headline ‘Moor Big Changes’ over Christmas.

That story was about the development of what it is hoped will become the city’s premier shopping area.

“But have you noticed how Sheffielders when trying to talk posh call it The More instead of The Moor?” wonders Don.

“Reminds me of the posh lady (or trying to be) who went into a friend’s newsagents in Oakbrook Road, Nether Green, many years ago on a Saturday evening and asked for ‘A Green One please’.”