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IT’S a long way from Weston Park Hospital to Hollywood so it’s nice to see the much-cherished Sheffield institute making a noise in movie land.

This newspaper’s recent revelations that Sean Bean is to front the charity’s Do Your Bit campaign were re-reported by none other than renowned film gossip website Hollywood.com.

Proof perhaps that star (and Star) power can help spread a good message.

n COUNCIL bosses say £3.5 million worth of cuts and 50 job losses will actually “benefit” Sheffield children’s services, then?


n COULDN’T agree more with Barnsley East MP Michael Dugher who has called for 16 and 17-year-olds to be given the vote.

He’s backing demands for the Labour Party to support reform, as revealed in The Star.

Quite right too.

There are plenty of arguments both for and against whether this should happen.

But surely only one really matters: 16 and 17-year-olds are taxed the same as everyone else, and taxation without representation is utterly unethical.

Give them the vote or give them back their hard-earned.

n AND they say students have too much time on their hands...

Tell that to the pair of Sheffield University maths boffins who have worked out a formula for the perfect way to...decorate a Christmas tree.

Nicole Wrightham and Alex Craig told this paper they spent two hours calculating the number of baubles and lights needed to avoid bare branches.

Two hours? Presumably done on the back of a cig packet during a particularly quiet night at the union.

n AMUSED to be approached by a charity worker while walking into a certain supermarket in Spital Hill.

“It’s a daft question,” she said. “But have you come in here to do some shopping?”

Well...I haven’t come in for a guided tour, have I, Duck?

All in a good cause, though. She was working for Burngreave’s Foodbank, which distributes food to the vulnerable. And we donated some biscuits to make up for the initial sarcastic retort.