Take Two with Colin Drury

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AND talking of dogs, which we were in this column on Tuesday...

City spouses Ian and Rachel McDowell spoke about their unusual big day to mark the release of British comedy The Wedding Video.

What went wrong? Rachel, a customer experience manager, was posing with her two dogs for an official picture when they both suddenly started running away.

“I was holding the leads so they dragged me 100 yards down a steep slope,” she says. “I remember hitting the ground on all fours in my wedding dress.”

She broke her coccyx, temporarily lost her eyesight and started hyperventilating.

“That evening Ian had to remove me from the grass and blood-stained dress,” she went on. “He said: ’Well this wasn’t how I imagined undressing you’.”


A READER gets in touch following Tuesday’s main Diary piece on silly season newspaper stories.

Alice Roughton had to look twice after clocking the following in the Kent Messenger this week.

“Firefighters,” the story ran, “have warned of the dangers of driving into a petrol forecourt when your car is on fire.”

TO be fair to the firefighters, you can’t argue with the advice.

AND another reader, Star cartoonist James Whitworth, finds himself inspired by the silly season piece.

“Thought Diary readers might like this,” he says.