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YOU know what’s annoying me today?

Those faux Keep-Calm-and-Carry-On signs that have started appearing everywhere.

You know the ones I mean? These posters which have taken the classic World War Two morale-boosting bill, and turned it into this modern oh-so-droll catch-all catchphrase.

Like Keep Calm and Drink Beer, as seen in the windows of the (otherwise ace) Frog And Parrot in Division Street. Or Eat Cakes and Carry On, as pinned up in Cooplands bakers in Fitzalan Square. Or Keep Calm and Beat Hallam as used by Sheffield University during this year’s Varsity tournament.

Argh. When, why and how did this fall into fashion?

Fair play, you can’t deny the effectiveness of the original (we won the war, didn’t we?) but does that mean this needs to be revived by every chancer trying to sell or say something in 21st century Britain?

It’s not retro cool. It’s not post-modern funny. And it’s not ironic kitsch. It’s just repetitive, unoriginal and a sure-fire sign the bearer has neither imagination or appreciation of history.

Keep calm? It’s enough to have the opposite effect.


WE all know Sheffield is the real ale capital of the UK, of course.

But lovely to hear, as reported in The Star yesterday, that the region is getting in on wine makings too. The vineyard at Renishaw Hall, Renishaw, has been recognised at the UK Vineyards Association awards.

News well worth saying cheers to.


AND finally, I was thinking about going along and building something for the Soul of Sheffield project - featured opposite - myself.

I thought a big old Diary Towers would add a certain je ne ce quoi to Division Street.

Except an architectural friend wasn’t so sure.

Apparently, in the business, those who build skyscrapers are likened to men who drive expensive cars. That is to say, it’s considered a form of - how to put this? - over-compensation. Eek.