Take Two with Colin Drury

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ISN’T it lovely when you read a news story which somehow restores your faith in humanity just a little bit?

I’m talking about firefighters rescuing dogs from rivers, volunteers helping out in their local community or pensioners slapping down muggers.

And there was another such piece in The Star yesterday.

The Voice UK tour – which would have been coming to Sheffield Arena later this year – has had to be cancelled because people haven’t been buying tickets.

Heart-warming to hear.

LISTEN, when it comes to annoying phrases, it seems there’s an annoyingly high number of them.

This column recently ranted that the sudden trend among talking heads for answering questions by firstly saying ‘listen’ is fast-making anyone with any sense want to rip off their ears. Or, at least, turn off their TVs.

But several readers on Twitter reckon that’s just the tip of the pointless-expression iceberg.

Ashley Ball is fed up hearing ‘at the end of the day’; Meg Mosley can’t stand being asked ‘d’ya know what I mean?’; and Liam Grady shudders every time someone starts a sentence with ‘I’m not being funny but...’ because, inevitably, they are being.

Phew. Who knew there were so many linguist pedants out there?

SO, several Olympic volunteers – set to be stewards down in London this summer – are fund-raising so they can afford accommodation while down there.

How about: pay yourself or ask the International Olympic Committee for the cash?

I’ve already coughed up far more than I’d like to for the 2012 games, and I can’t be alone in thinking volunteers asking us to pay their rent for three weeks is beyond the long jump pit.

It’s them who wanted to spend the summer in hi-vis vests. If the fat cats at the IOC refuse to contribute expenses, I don’t see why members of the public should.