TAKE TWO: With Colin Drury

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NOW, clearly this view won’t make me universally popular in Sheffield – not least in my own household where she likes Castle Market being exactly where it is (ie. a short a stroll from our gaffe).

But isn’t it a great sign that a new outdoor market in The Moor has been a huge success?

Because I reckon the sooner the permanent centre moves the better.

Castle Market is undoubtedly a superb place to shop – I’m there most Saturdays – but wouldn’t it be far better in a modern, purpose-built venue with fewer steps, more natural light and the same great produce and value for money?

More to the point, whatever the artists and architects who fawn over the building itself reckon, won’t its demolition give Sheffield a real chance to redevelop the Waingate area into a space which takes the city into the future while honouring its incredible past? Won’t it give planners a real once-in-a-generation opportunity to open up better access to The Wicker, the canal and the riverside?

Apparently, there’s also some castle remains under there which might be worth looking at.

MORE stories of Sheffielders checking restaurant cutlery...

Reader John Scholey – who has previously starred on this page with his photographs of Portland Works – says he once looked at his breakfast knife in a Coventry hotel to find it was indeed Made In Sheffield.

Specifically, it was made by a company called John McClory & Sons

“I was particularly pleased,” explains John, “because my great grandfather Thomas McClory was one of three brothers who founded the company.”

ANOTHER reader wonders why this page, which profiled Hillborough-born horror movie star Skelton Knaggs yesterday, failed to give his date of birth or when he died.

As Samuel Johnson might have said: incompetence, sir, pure incompetence.

For the record he lived June 27, 1911 to April 30, 1955.