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FROM his accent, you could never mistake American singer-songwriter Jason Isbell for a South Yorkshire lad so there was some surprise when he introduced himself as a Sheffielder while playing City Hall on Sunday.

Sheffield, Alabama, he meant. But so chuffed was this 33-year-old to be performing in his hometown’s namesake, he boasted of the gig - in support of Ryan Adams - on his Facebook page.

Just one problem: the Mayor of Sheffield back home thought he meant he was playing the local city hall - a tiny place containing the town’s jail.

“He was worried he might have to move out a few desks,” explained Jason.

FROM a star of stage to a legend of the tracks, and regular readers may remember Bunny the Big Dog.

This is the giant 24 foot long model greyhound which toured the city on top of a limousine last year to promote racing nights at Owlerton Stadium. It seems bosses reckon you can never get enough of a three-tonne hare-chaser and are bringing back the inanimate animal. It’s in Sheffield, as part of a nationwide tour until Monday.

HOPEFULLY, the same driver will be returning with Bunny.

Last year he invited The Diary to spend an evening in the luxury car while it toured the city’s nightspots, noting with a small wink, “what goes on in the limo, stays in the limo.”

“Blimey,” I wondered, “what does go on in the limo?” He thought for a minute. “Not a great deal to be honest,” he said. “We have crisps.”

AMUSING to hear a Labour candidate for today’s local elections once appeared on reality show Come Dine With Me, as revealed in The Star yesterday.

Neale Gibson, who is standing in Walkley, told viewers he would manipulate fellow contestants “so they’ll tear each other apart and I shall remain as king.” Sort of like Tony Blair’s approach to managing his cabinet, then?