Take Two with Colin Drury

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MORE opinions on whether the name Colin is suitable for a young(ish) man in the 21st century...

Reader Sheila Needham reckons it’s just about passable – although apparently it means I share a monicker with a city plant.

“Outside Stannington Fruit Shop,” she emails, “they have a large spiny cactus with a note attached: ‘I am Colin, do not touch as I am very sharp’.

Fitting, really, as it’s been said – mainly in the mornings – I can be somewhat spiky myself.

SO, here’s why I tend not to talk about the Tramlines festival in print – because I end up sounding like a giddy toddler overdosing on fizzy pop.

I literally love it.

Last year’s three days were among the best I’ve spent in Sheffield; a combination of every great festival going with the added bonus of being able to go back to your own bed (and toilet) at night.

So the line up announcement for this year’s bash as reported in The Star today?

Pretty average.

Some bands I like (Field Music), some I don’t (We Are Scientists) and some I’ve never heard of (XXXY? Come again?), but it matters not a jot anyway.

Because whoever’s performing, if a person can’t enjoy themselves on a summer’s weekend in Sheffield when the entire city is out to play and there’s nothing to pay for hundreds of hours of entertainment... well, I’m not sure said person could enjoy themselves full stop.

PLENTY of people have already said it, of course, but... well, I have a few lines to fill so I’m going to say it myself.

Congratulations to the campaigners who have ensured Portland Works – one of Sheffield’s last surviving little mesters – will stay standing.

They’re now hoping to preserve the area between London Road and Bramall Lane as a historic workshop quarter, as reported in Tuesday’s Star.

Good luck to them – there couldn’t be a more worthy cause.