Take Two: Can we ruffle a few feathers?

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COULD the anti-pigeon campaign start here?

COULD the anti-pigeon campaign start here?

After my rant on Tuesday that these flying vermin are overtaking our city, reader Kevan Smith has been in touch.

“I sent Julie Dore an email two weeks ago about the pigeons on The Moor,” he says. “Alas I have not had a response.”

Come on, council leader, we know you have one or two other priorities but this is a sure-fire vote winner...

ANOTHER reader, unnamed unfortunately, writes in with a very Sheffield take on Scotsman Andy Murray bowing to Prince William at Wimbledon this week.

“One foreigner saluting another,” he declares.

WHO knew Boycie was a Sheffielder?

John Challis - who plays the Only Fools And Horses geezer - has revealed his dad was from the city.

Give that man a star on the Legends Walkway.

STRANGE, isn’t it, that a senior South Yorkshire policeman appears not to understand innocent until proven guilty?

Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Talbot, head of CID, reckons fewer crimes will be solved if the DNA of innocent people is deleted from a police database.

And probably they will.

But isn’t letting the odd thief get away with their horrid behaviour a small price to pay for not living in a police state?

The coalition wants South Yorkshire Police to delete the DNA of people who were never convicted of any crime – but why on earth is the force keeping them in the first place? Did no-one ever think holding such information on innocent people is a bit, you know, Stalinist Russia?

It’s small steps like these which eventually erode a society’s liberty.

Can’t say I feel too much sympathy with the Sheffielders complaining their St Paul’s Tower apartments aren’t what they expected when the bought them.

That, me old muckers, is because you bought them while they were still being developed.

The moral? Perhaps wait until a building is built before you start snapping up £340,000 homes in it.