TAKE TWO: Best of the best - and the worst

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NICE to see Sheffield receiving high praise in the new Lonely Planet travel guide - and quite right too.

The theatres, the Winter Garden, The Washington - there’s nowhere quite like Sheffield.

There’s nowhere, either, quite like Wolverhampton.

An online article by Lonely Planet last year rated the West Midlands city the fifth worst in the world, down with the likes of unemployment-strangled Detroit and Ghana’s ultra-impoverished Accra.

You might remember it because it made the national news. I remember it because I was living down there at the time, working for the local paper.

In the newsroom we were told to hound the guide with stories about the delights of our jewel.

In the pub one colleague sat wondering: “Christ, how utterly awful must the four worse places be?”

AMID the controversy about Bin Laden fancy dress being available from Sheffield’s Division Street shop Party On, surely one question has been overlooked. How hot is that female American soldier mannequin standing over him in the window?

I’ll get me coat...

THIS column doesn’t normally discuss the love lives of the rich and famous but we noticed pop puppet Justin Beiber and actress Selena Gomez confirmed their rumoured relationship with a kiss this week.

Allow us to be the first to both congratulate the happy couple, and offer our sympathies to Rotherham super fan Bridie Moulds. She was the girl kicked out of his Sheffield concert for throwing a teddy bear on stage.

Let’s hope Selena’s aware of the be-chopped one’s aversion to stuffed toys or Valentine’s Day could be a right nightmare.