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Getting Rooted In New Zealand is the rather interesting title of a new book by Broomhill-based writer Jamie Bywood. Interesting because of where it comes from.

Jamie, who originally comes from California but moved to Sheffield last year, chose the name in honour of a misunderstanding while living Down Under.

She told her new flatmate she was looking forward to getting rooted in the city – only to be met with much guffawing. He had to explain to her, she recalls, that ‘to be rooted’ in Auckland was a rather crude euphemism for what might take place in the bedroom.


And talking of literature...

As locations featured in British crime fiction go, it might not be quite as famous as, say, Baker Street or the (frankly deadly) county of Midsomer. But the Shepherd Wheel in Whiteley Woods is to be visited tomorrow by 16 American tourists making a trip round UK locations made famous by detective novels.

The water roller – a 15th century structure used to power the burgeoning steel industry – plays a prominent part in the 2001 thriller Silent Playgrounds by Endcliffe-based author Danuta Reah. Two bodies are found there in a case of murder most unlike what you might expect in pleasant south Sheffield.

The visitors – literature lovers led by academic and Anglophile Kathy Ackley – will stop off for two hours in the morning as they travel between sites in Bakewell and Harrogate. They have already had this weekend at the annual St Hilda’s Mystery & Crime Weekend in Oxford.

“They asked me to show them one of the sites in my books – they’re all based in South Yorkshire – and I thought this would be perfect because it has such an interesting history,” Danuta tells us. “A tour like this is organised for American visitors every year after the crime weekend in Oxford, and this year they decided to focus on Yorkshire.”

Well, it’s better than spending your holidays in Magaluf. Isn’t it?