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The Zazou, the band featured in today’s main Diary piece, incidentally, are named after an inter-war French subculture.

Zazous, says Claire, expressed their individuality by donning garish clothes and dancing to modern music. The girls, in particular, were noted for wearing short skirts, tall shoes, and always carrying umbrellas.

Which, if you think about it, sounds not unlike what you might still see in Division Street on an English summer’s night.


Sheffield City Council and development company Hammerson have finally parted company over the failed Sevenstone regeneration scheme, then? Good.

One question, though: when pretty much everyone in the city realised this was inevitable so long ago, why has it taken so long for officials to act?

Check mate

It’s an idea fit for a King, introducing youngsters to chess.

Pupils at four primaries are learning the game in school lessons, as reported in this paper.

Which might sound like too much playing and not enough learning but one should remember Canadian soldier Jamie Murphy’s famous words: “Chess, like mathematics and music, is a nursery for child prodigies.”

Birthday Best wishes

Happy birthday, Chatsworth Farm. The model facility where children learn about food, animals and agriculture has celebrated its 40th anniversary, as reported in The Star. It was officially opened by the current Dowager Duchess in July 1973. And its success in attracting 200,000 people every year surely proves one thing: it was an a-moo-zing idea.