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WIND turbines, eh? Build more of them, if you want this column’s opinion. These controversial structures are on the news agenda again after plans unveiled for one on land off Slaypit Lane, in Thorpe Salvin. That’s gone down like the proverbial lead balloon (wind or none) with the local parish council which has already declared its opposition. They reckon, as reported in The Star, the development would be bad for wildlife, is too close to homes and, er, wouldn’t help the village with their annual In Bloom bid. Convincing arguments? Not really. Wind farms are astounding things, if you ask this writer. And not just because they suck something natural straight from the air and transform it into a clean usable energy - but because they actually look magnificent too. Towers sleek and smooth and strong which stand as a tribute to both the ingenuity of architects and engineers and also the desire of people to do what is right for the Earth. Because what those boffins who’ve designed them have done, is not just worry about the maths and the science; they’ve gone and produced something which, if it was a piece of public art, would be adored for generations. But would you like one 550 metres (the nearest distance to the nearest house at Thorpe Salvin) from your home, the nimbys cry. Well, yes, I’d be honoured. I’d look at it every day and marvel at man’s ingenuity.


TALK about taking the biscuit. Or, indeed, the pie. Organisers of the Bakewell Baking Festival may have to cancel a custard pie fight - because insurers say the event is too dangerous. What a, er, slap in the face. It means plans for the slapstick slinging match could be abandoned so the rest of the fest - staged in the town on June 8 and 9 - can go ahead. “It’s a classic case of world gone mad,” opined organiser and town mayor Paul Morgans. And he’s right, isn’t he? Because whoever heard of someone being seriously injured by a crust or a filling? When did we start to live in a world where bureaucrats refuse to underwrite a spot of fun in case a bit of pastry takes out an innocent bystander? Here’s hoping the insurers realise they’re behaviour is a custard pot short of a delicious desert and agree to eat humble pie and change their mind.