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Mug shots of moggies

Now how about this for a website worth paws-ing for – Famous Cats Of Sheffield? A new online blog (www.famouscatsofsheffield.tumblr.com) snaps and stores for posterity some of the city’s more famous felines, including Puss the Kelham Island Tavern moggy, Max the Porter Pets pet, and Gypsy the Valleyside Garden Centre kit. Why? To “document the cats you can meet in the pubs and shops” here. It couldn’t have been about anything else. Obviously.

naked ambition

Nice to see the new film about Paul Raymond – the London club owner and pornographer who rose to become Britain’s richest man during the Nineties – has a Sheffield link. Music for the movie starring Steve Coogan and Anna Friel, is co-credited to city musician Antony Genn. That’s the same chap who made his own reputation during the Nineties by performing on stage with the likes of Elastica, Joe Strummer and Pulp, all while naked. Raymond, who passed away in 2008, would no doubt have approved.

Forgotten Irish remembered

First the Irish came to Maltby. Now it seems a touch of Maltby is going back to the Old Country, so it is. A book, which previously featured on this page and which tells the story of the emerald isle immigrants who settled in the South Yorkshire town in the early 20th century, has proven so popular it’s now available over in Ireland itself. The Forgotten Irish by Sean Carney, who grew up in Maltby, is being stocked in shops and libraries in Donegal, Sligo, and Mayo County. “It’s great it’s had such an impact,” says Sean.

Steeled for success

And more success for another pair of former Diary star has been achieved by James Whitworth and Wilda Goyetche. These are the two artists who held their own light-hearted exhibition celebrating the centenary of the discovery of stainless steel by Sheffield scientist Harry Brearley. The artistic pair took various photos of city ‘steel landmarks’ and then added their own cartoon characters to proceedings. And the playful images – including characters called things like Freddy Furnace exploring places like Cutlers’ Hall – have gone down so well, they are now set to go on show somewhere rather fitting: one of the city’s biggest metal companies. Outokumpu, in Stevenson Road, will host the unusual exhibition from June 11 to 13.