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It’s a long time is 11 years. Especially in sport. It’s almost an entire career. It’s three Olympic games. It’s also the time it took for the new U-Mix Centre in Lowfield to go from proposal to reality.The £2.5 million facility – including five-a-side football pitches and dance studio – was officially opened last week, as reported in The Star. But before that there were set back and funding problems dating back to 2002.So, how heartening to see that, in this self-proclaimed city of sport, there were so many individuals so determined to see the idea succeed they spent a decade jumping hurdles and over-coming obstacles to. And, at a time when Don Valley Stadium is closing and Stocksbridge Leisure Centre is in danger, how nice to hear a spot of good news. It’s a fantastic facility. Everyone behind it deserves a gold medal.

Styles on Sheffield

Nice to see Harry Styles, the One Direction singer with corkscrew hair and a penchant for going out with women old enough to be his mum, learning about Sheffield after the group played the arena this weekend.“Sheffield has lots of hills,” he tweeted. Worryingly, the observation was retweeted more than 35,000 times by his followers.


Reader Ron Clayton gets in touch following yesterday’s Diary feature on what makes the perfect toilet.Professor Paul Chamberlain, who is researching this vital issue, told this page yesterday that adjustable height, comfy seating and a tank which uses recycled water were all among ideas put forward for a top-notch throne.But Ron has a simpler suggestion: “Wooden seats,” he says. “Human and organic. Warms up quickly in winter and cool in summer. And not as clinical as plastic.”


And while we’re on it, Ron asks what may be the most important loo questions of all: “why are Wetherspoons toilets always upstairs?” he asks.