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* AND talking of Chesterfield, as we were in today’s main piece, congratulations to Sarah Chiad.

This is the Chesy mum who appeared on the front of The Star yesterday after giving birth to one of the largest pair of mixed-sex twins ever recorded in the UK.

Little Hannah and Thomas weighed in at almost 18 lbs between them. That’s 18 lbs.

Makes you glad to be a bloke, hey chaps?

* AND from congratulations to commiserations - to Anthony Smith.

This is the Meadowhead barista who appeared on this page last month ahead of his appearance at the 2013 UK Barista Championships in Newcastle.

How did he do? Um, not well.

“I was disqualified,” says the 25-year-old, who works at Coffee Boutique in Causeway Head Road, Dore. “I used a vanilla essence ingredient I bought from Morrisons. I didn’t realise but it had a tiny amount of alcohol in it. Which is against the rules.”

That followed last year’s disaster when his equipment was stolen from his hotel room the night before the contest.

“People keep telling me next year will be third time lucky,” he says. “I hope they’re right. I’m not sure I could show my face a fourth time.”

* IT was the mischievous Sheffield kitten who won the hearts of the city after swallowing a TV antenna.

The Star reported last month how Alphie the Parson Cross moggy had to have a six inch aerial removed from his stomach and oesophagus after becoming obsessed with owner Vanessa Waite’s TV.

And it seems it wasn’t just Sheffield who found the little feline’s predicament somewhat adorable.

They did in Rio de Janeiro too.

Diary reader Jenny Barker, a retired lecturer of Dronfield Woodhouse, was holidaying in the Brazilian city when she spied the story - in the hotel’s daily international news briefing. The tale was the top British item in the A4 sheet given to guests every day at the Porto Bay Internacional.

“We just burst out laughing,” says the 65-year-old. “It seems no matter where you go in the world, Sheffield is never far away.”