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STRANGE to see students – supposedly that most liberal of groups – supporting censorship.

But that seems to be happening at Sheffield University.

The Students’ Union Council there has banned the sale of The Sun on campus in support of the national No More Page 3 campaign.

A worthy enough crusade, indeed. But when dogmatic types start to stop a free press from entering the halls of academia simply because they don’t agree with the content, then something clearly is amiss.

Forget the boobs in the paper, it’s the boobs on the council that are the most distasteful.


DONCASTER lad Kevin Keegan is to feature on a new set of Royal Mail stamps celebrating 150 years since the rules of football were established, then?

Ironic in a way. He spent all his career trying not to avoid the post.


GOD-LIKE goalkeeper Gordon Banks, from Tinsley, is also to appear, as reported in The Star. He’ll certainly be at home in the (post) box.


Now here’s an interesting historical anniversary...

Exactly 220 years ago this week, the pool after which Barker’s Pool takes it’s name was drained. The little man-made lake, which stood where the City Hall now stands, had supplied Sheffield with water since 1434 when it was built by a chap called Barker of Balme.

But by 1793, it had been replaced by Crookes reservoir, which opened in 1785.

The pool and dam were, thus, dried out with housing built on the site just five months later.


FAIR play to Sheffield International Venues for investing in the city’s arena in a bid to ensure it doesn’t lose business to Leeds’ new venue.

Millions will be spent on a new roof, new seats, energy-efficient lighting and scratch-resistant glass, as revealed in this paper.

But is there a suspicion the fight is already being lost?

Because imagine for a moment you’re a headline act set to play one arena in Yorkshire: do you go for the city centre venue with 13,500 seats? Or the 12,500 capacity place next to an abandoned stadium – but with impressive glass?