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FROM horse racing to football - or Barnsley FC, at least.

The Tykes, it seems, have gone global with a fan club emerging in Indonesia.

The group has been founded by animal husbandry students on the isle of West Java. A Twitter account, written entirely in Indonesian, already has 191 followers.

Why the Reds, one might wonder. Because, says founder Founder Hikmatya faris Abdulhafizh, he and his mates wanted to show Indonesians are “not only lovers of the world’s great clubs but also of Barnsley”.

Which, we think, is meant as a compliment.

They can be followed at @indo_barnsley


NICE to see a couple of Sheffield artists being recognised in a national poll to find the greatest 100 songs of the last decade.

I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys came second in the survey which was held by BBC Radio Six and attracted some 100,000 votes. Richard Hawley’s Tonight The Streets Are Ours made number 21.

Criminally, Milburn weren’t among the top 100.

Clocks by Coldplay was number one, by the way. Hm.


WHO knew there was a British Yorkshire Pudding Day then?

Not this column. But apparently, as reported in this paper at the weekend, the first Sunday of every February is put aside to celebrate this most delicious of dishes.

Good idea, perhaps. But, strictly speaking, shouldn’t every Sunday be a Yorkshire pudding day?


On reflection, though, perhaps it’s no surprise our favourite bit of batter has its very own date.

After all, these days, there’s nothing so bizarre, they won’t give it an awareness day.

Want proof? National Cleavage Day on March 31, perhaps? How about Dress Spotty Day in November? Or maybe International Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19?

Odd, indeed.

Still, at least we don’t live in the US. Among their gems are a National Pi Day - 24 whole hours to celebrate the number 3.14...